The Invisible Baseball Game

2012 • 1.26 min • colour • Super 8

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One day, John Porter, who is Toronto's King of Super 8, took me to a baseball game!
I have absolutely no idea what it's all about and i find it very boring.

Guys standing there at posts, doing nothing, throwing balls to other
guys who never catch them … I have no clue!

It was fun though, we had icecold cider (7 % alcohol) in the park! which was absolutely against the Canadian alcohol law! Yeah!

So I filmed it to understand it later … maybe …. but what happened? The film was overexposed!
My camera didn't capture the game! Just like me! We're connected, the camera and me!

Anyway, something unexpected came out. We picked something out of the blue … out of the white … like raisins from a cake.

[This film was made during my Artist-In-Residence stay in May 2012 at the L.I.F.T. in Toronto!]