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39 years. Exactly 39 years ago I was in Nice for the first time, and now for the second time. 39 years later.

I was 19 and worked as an au pair girl in a family with 2 children. For half a year. Over winter. Important six months: I was alone and started to draw. And loved the ocean. And the palm trees.

Every day I walked down Boulevard Gambetta to the beach. 39 years ago. How did I love that. Nice still smells the same as it did back then.

I remember: the seagulls, the pebbles on the beach, the sound they make, wave up, wave down, wave up, wave down.

I used to sit there every day. Lonely but happy. observing. writing. drawing. Absorbing.

I think a lot started there.

Et me voilà et me voici
  2022 • 5.20 min • Super 8 • black and white + color