Die Perfektion der Mücke / The Perfection of the Mosquito

2020 • 3.06 min • Super 8, expired Agfa Moviechrome


Nature has an insane surplus of beauty and perfection. A flower! Pure fascination, temptation and sex!
A mosquito, a fly, a cone snail, a hippo, a cat, a blackbird: brilliantly constructed!

Humans ... well, okay, but yeah, somehow too!! ... fascinating in structure and soul. All this wonderful variety, the abundance of sophistication, the mad crown of millions of years of evolution! Interplay of species, fine-tuning of billions of molecules and peptides

And then? Oops, the end, gone, dead.

Karma? Rebirth? Sticking to it? Preserving information? Saving consciousness? A great idea, but does the cat care? Does it make the mosquito sad? That's it. There is so much. Now. At this very moment. Maybe that's it. The moment.

Look: my ego doesn't give a shit how the stomach troops in me are doing, whether the millions of blood cells and skin cells and acid workers inside me have a good time or die and are replaced by new ones - just like on a large scale evolution and the Universe don’t care if the perfect mosquitoes and people kick the bucket. The main thing is the big picture, life itself ... is alive!


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