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Roberts Kulle eller En Gång runt Puddingen oder Einmal um den Pudding rum
or Once around the Pudding
ou Une Fois autour de la Crème Brûlée

2021 • 3.14 min • Super 8

Robert founded this insanely beautiful art center (Konstepidemin / Göteborg / Sweden) together with his friends. My studio for 4 weeks bears his name. I live here now.

I open the door in the morning and look at a hill. Roberts Hill. We slide slowly from winter to spring. No fresh leaves insight. It is raining very often. The hill is alive, pulsating, chirping, splashing, smelling, freezing, greening, trembling - I love it every day!

The hill is my pudding: soft and tasty. I climb up and slide down, the top is my personal whipped cream: a round place where nobody can see me! I can look directly into space!

[TriX developed in Caffenol / Kompostol / Cucumbol; Vision 50 D developed in C41]