So Sachen    

2022 • 3.33 min • b&w • Super 8

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So that's the way it is now, because it is what it is, these are the things … the bearing, actually I can totally trust my bearing. This is evolutionarily innate and has sharpened over millions of years. However, it is sometimes bent and weakened by external things. Tracked off. Relocated. But you can practice that!

And there's this cool quantum theory, it's actually more of a trotter’s theory: you walk down a path and you know immediately and very subconsciously which foot you're going to set on the curb there. Which foot, left or right, touches the next crack. But as soon as you want to consciously calculate that while walking, you can't. Because you know that from your bearing! Your feet know that! Therefore also: trotter’s theory!